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  • Vacuum Bipolar RF Probe
Make fat cells in fast active state, so that cells will produce friction heat,then surplus fat  and vivotoxin of body inside can be discharged.
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  • Tripolar RF probe
 lymph drainage;tighten skin; enhance skin elasticity. promote collagen production
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  • Main Screen
  • Facial RF Probe

 Facial wrinkle elimination, tightening and lifting
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  • Multipolar Body RF Probe

Further dissolve fat; help to expel the redundant fat and toxin out of body through sweat gland and hepato-enteric circulation.

Latest 5 in 1 slimming machine 40K cavitation bipolar vacuum body facial multipolar RF slimming machine

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Product Description

Working Principal                                                                                           


wave fat system

With  collective  strong  sound  wave  head,  strong  sound  wave  of  40KHZ may  be  emitted  to  vibrate fat cells at top speed and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells,  robustly  impact  fat  cells  to  generate  introverted  blast  and  disintegrate  triglyceride  into glycerol and free fatty acids. 

Then RF waves at frequency  of 1M HZ is  used for exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation.

Finally, vacuum RF and energy electrode are used for positioning and tightening fat. In physics, it is known as "cavitation".

Micropore introverted blast inside and outside cell may lead to enhanced molecular motion and a higher energy level and this  will finally cause fat cell rupture and thereby achieve the  effects  of body building and losing weight.

Main function                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

1 Powerfully explosive fat, remove fat; promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite.
2 Deliquescent adipose;lymphatic drainage.

3 Enhance the skin elasticity, skin tightening and rejuvenation; wrinkle removal;face lift.

Function of each handle                                                                 

  • 40KHZ Ultrasonic Probe

Powerful explosive fat,crack  fatty cells, deliquescent adipose,remove the fatness

  • Vacuum Bipolar RF Probe

Make fat cells in fast active state, so that cells will produce friction heat,then surplus fat  and vivotoxin of body inside can be discharged.

Vacuum plus specially-designed head manipulate leads even RF penetration (5-15mm). Meanwhile, vacuum  mechanical tissue manipulation nips and stretch fibrillar connective tissue, effectively break down subcutaneous fat as well as extruded capillary vessel, increase lymphatic drainage, promote metabolism and reduce or shrink the size of the actual fat chamber, thereby greatly improving body shaping effect.

  • Multipolar Body RF Probe

Further dissolve fat; help to expel the redundant fat and toxin out of body through sweat gland and hepato-enteric circulation.

  • Facial RF Probe

 Facial wrinkle elimination, tightening and lifting.

  • Tripolar RF probe

 lymph drainage;tighten skin; enhance skin elasticity. promote collagen production.


Slimming treatment tips                                                                                          

Please use the right steps when you do the slimming

For body slimming: ( Each handpieces for 15mins to 20mins)


1.use Slimming Essential oil on the skin,and do massage

2. Use the 40kHZ ultrasonic hand for cracking fat cell.

3. Use the Vacuum RF hand for sucking fat redundant,fat removal (Please clean the Vacuum handle and filter from time to time,as the slimming oil/gel may jam the vacuum,it will damage the vacuum hand)

4.Multipolar(body) RF for melt fat, increase collagen production so that make skin tightening,do body lymphatic drainage.

5.Face RF for facial treatment,you need wipe the skin care cosmetics products(like the gel,cream),


*we suggest use some slimming essential oil or any slimming function gel together with the machine,then the result would be more effective.
*It is important to drink 1-2lilter water before and after the treatment,it helps lymphatic drainage and detoxing. some content of the adipocytes is metabolized by the liver and eliminated in the urine.

Note: Donot wipe so much oil/gel when you use the Vacuum RF hand,as the oil/gel is easy sucked into the vacuum hand,it will damage the vacuum


For facial Treatment: ( each head for 15mins)

1. Wipe any skin care products..such as skin whitening products,or RF gel on facail..

2.Use Facial RF  hand on face,RF helps increase collagen production,make skin lifting.do facial lymphatic drainage.

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